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    The Hanoi Club hotel Khách sạn 4 sao hà nội cần tuyển

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    THE HANOI CLUB HOTEL Khách sạn 4 sao Hà Nội cần tuyển

    Nestled perfectly on the shore of West Lake (largest lake in Hanoi) with magnificent panoramic sunset view, the prestigious elite membership club, boutique hotel and luxurious serviced residences offer a personalized touch of service in an exclusive retreat setting for the discerning guests/ residents and members to indulge in simple pleasures of social entertainment/ recreational lifestyle and business success. Being established in the tradition of renowned clubs worldwide, it is proud to be an affiliated and associated member. The Hanoi Club is the pioneer in offering first-class private club services with resort facilities tastefully designed and managed by a professional team setting international standards in quality and service excellence, which in turn, exceed the expectations and satisfaction of our esteemed distinguished guests/ residents and members alike.

    The Hanoi Club hotel Khach san 4 sao ha noi can tuyen

    THE HANOI CLUB HOTEL Khách sạn 4 sao Hà Nội cần tuyển

    - Nhân viên điện lạnh
    - Nhân viên tạp vụ (Nam)
    - Nhân viên Giặt Là
    - Nhân viên lễ tân
    - Nhân viên bếp Âu (Cook 2)
    - Nhân viên tạp vụ
    - Nhân viên bếp bánh

    Nơi làm việc : Hà Nội

    Hạn nộp hồ sơ : 16/08/2015

    Người liên hệ : Phòng Nhân sự
    Email : ungvien@hoteljob.vn ( việc làm khách sạn )
    Địa chỉ : 76 Yen Phu Str., Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

    Chi tiết việc làm và ứng tuyển: hoteljob.vn/Home/Gian-hang/default/8058/trang-chu.aspx

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