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    Natural Gel | Dịch Vụ Nails Eastpointe In Michigan

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    Nails Eastpointe Over the years, several innovations have been noticed in the fashion and beauty industry. A lot of women are becoming more aware of their self image, which includes wardrobe, hair, makeup and nails.
    Natural Gel Dich Vu Nails Eastpointe In Michigan

    Recently, there has also been a high demand for the gel manicure, and many women opt for agel nail polish on natural nails. This new manicure innovation has become popular over the past months, due to its versatility. Women have the choice to either go for a gel coat on their natural nails or select another with synthetic covers. Regardless of the choice, they are a lot better than the acrylic manicure.
    The manicures done on the naturals are lighter and last for about three weeks, depending on how fast they grow out. Women with fast-growing nails have noticed that they usually need a redo after about 14 days, unlike those women who have problems growing out theirs. A gel manicure is transparent and therefore it gives room for the color of the original to be seen, if you plan to do them without adding color. If you also want to add color and designs, you can, because the gel serves as a protective coat over the original nail and makes the polish that you apply last longer.
    The major steps involved in this manicure include pulling back of the cuticles, buffing and filing the originals, application of the gel polish over each bed and placing your filled fingers under an ultraviolet light . The gel polish is usually applied twice. After each application, the coated area is placed under the UV light. This ultraviolet light drys the gel and hardens it, so there is no need for a dryer which is used in an acrylic manicure. Once the process is completed, the manicurist buffs and smooths out the gel to give it a clearer look.
    The benefits of gel manicure outweigh any other type of manicure. Many women love to have it done because of the benefits of getting a more natural-looking nail and because gel repairs damaged tips, holds polish better, and also lengthens and strengthen the nails. To repair a gel manicure, simply apply the gel to the nail. This protects the ends from further breakage, making them grow out faster and stronger beneath the firm gel.
    Just as with any kind of technique, there are some limitations to this process. One side effect of the technique is that some women may be allergic to the products used and therefore may develop a burning sensation on their fingers, or have inflamed cuticles. Another side effect is that it is not budget-friendly. It costs about twice as much as a normal visit to the manicurist.Nevertheless, it is still a better option if you want to get a natural-looking and long-lasting job at the beauty salon. Note that you might need a refill if you break a nail. A refill is done by simply removing the old gel and adding fresh gel nail polish on natural nails.
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