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    Pink & White Gel | Nails Eastpointe in Michigan

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    What are pink and white nails? These are also known as French nails or French manicure. The reason is, the tips of the fingernails are white and the nail bed or base is pink in color. The white tip is made of plastic which is glued on the actual nail and then covered with acrylic powder or gel.
    Pink amp White Gel Nails Eastpointe in Michigan
    Gel Nails - Nails Eastpointe
    Step #1: To get the gel nails, apply the acetone nail polish remove over the nails. This will help remove any oil and dirt from the nails.
    Step #2: With the cuticle pusher, start to push back the cuticles on each finger. Make sure you are not too harsh. You really don't want the acetone or powdered acrylic going inside the wound.
    Step #3: Bring the nail tips set on your workstation to find the perfect matches for all the fingers. Place the sizes over the nails to see if they thoroughly cover the entire tip of the nails. Once you get the tips ready, apply only the tips with a 5 second nail glue. Place the tips over the nails matching them properly. Press on the tips and don't let go till you feel they are attached properly.
    Step #4: With the nail cutter or scissors, trim the extensions to the length you desire. With a nail filer, shape the tips according to your choice of shape. Gently wipe off any dust from your nails with a towel. Apply the gel primer only over your natural nail bed. Let it dry completely and turn chalky white.
    Step #5: Now apply a coat of baby pink nail polish and place your fingernails under the UV light for at least 20 seconds. Remove your nails out of the light and spray gel cleanser on them to remove the sticky residue. With the gel brush, apply the white gel onto the tips only. The gel will level itself in 3 to 5 seconds.
    Step #6: With another clean brush, wipe the white gel into a crisp smile line. Place your fingernails under the UV light again for about 30 seconds. Hint: Do so one finger at a time. Now apply a layer of gel base and powder on the entire nail. Make sure you cover the entire white area as well. Once all the fingernails have been coated by it, place them under the UV light for about 2 minutes.
    Step #7: Follow the same steps on the other hand. File and shape your nails with the nail filer and buffer, respectively. Make the surface as smooth as you can and brush off any excess dust with a clean brush. Spray the gel cleanser on all the nails and wipe with a clean tissue paper.
    Step #8: Apply a thin coat of clear gel polish and place your fingernails in the UV light for about 15 seconds. Apply the second coat and make sure that the layer is not too thick. Again place your fingernails in the UV light for about 2 minutes.
    Step #9: One last time, spray the gel cleanser on all the nails and wipe them with clean tissue paper. Voila, your pink and white gel nails are ready for flaunting.

    Follow: http://nailseastpointe.com/en/features/pink-white-gel.html

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