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    liza del me the lead yeah and what is

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    liza del me the lead yeah and what is Garcinias Pure the time difference in Florida already supporting our lead Ford okay so how do you work that outthat the he can just make you feel like you're inAustralia to change over here so I just what we did he just I justevers-williams and was just pretty you crack so state eaten and then my morning p usually said and wanna why he is that say Santana stuff and then on here said said state adjustment hmm and said late his I was a driving runner as I know youhave to have a data center 100 a well I'm terrible johnnie anyway K a say in it right and so skinny testes time here okay as theChinese up panama's watch yahya acid on depleted and I had alive ends I'm GPS was way games a got diving like and it was cited on the tenants the other side Friday thing then all I like trying to getahold to the other yeah it was it took me a a day yeah hi a so I yeah I just left a lasting Han that yeah I know where my heart is atall what about the other on the right n..

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