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    Toàn Quốc How to dress to show off your tattoos

    Thảo luận trong 'Linh tinh' bắt đầu bởi tattoohochiminh, 29 Tháng chín 2017.

    For some people, tattoo likes an accessory which they can’t alive without this. And you, do you think so? If yes, let’s read the article from Tadashi Tattoo - Tattoo Saigon. Here are some tips on how to make tattoos like your accessories.

    In recent years, within the development of tattoo Vietnam, people not only care about tattoo designs but also how to make them magnificent when going out. Therefore, at the moment you make decision to get a tattoo, you should think carefully about how to make them become an accessory. Instead of spending a little money without caring about designs and colors, you should think about your closet, so that you can mix with your tattoo.

    The colors

    If you have vibrant tattoos, prepare to pair them with neutrals. In the other hand, if you have black and grey work, wear color to help bring out your designs. Try not to pick colors that clash, it can create a boring look.

    How to dress to show off your tattoos

    The theme

    If you have Japanese style tattoo, wearing Asian inspired fashion is a great way to create a cohesive and inspired look. Traditional tattoos look great with most modern t-shirts and jeans.

    How to dress to show off your tattoos

    The location

    The location of your tattoos needs to be considered when you’re picking your clothing to accentuate or hide your ink. Let’s choose positions which can be highlighted by neck lines, bracelets, earrings,... In addition, make sure the tattoo are not cut by your shirts or skirt. When you’ve taken this step, the next step is try on any clothing you’re interested in on before you buy them to make sure they compliment your ink in the desired manner.

    How to dress to show off your tattoos

    You want to look your best, so you want your tattoos look as beautiful as it possibly can on your skin? So, you shouldn’t forget those tips from Tadashi Tattoo - Tattoo shop Saigon. If you have any question or demand about tattoo Vietnam, please contact us as soon as possible. We are very happy to serve you!

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